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fueled by coffee, sleep deprivation,iPods and random moments of pure inspiration

Iight so this little shindig started as an inside joke. it has grown to a folder full of comics, school supplies coated in stick figures, many more inside jokes and a drawing on playground equipment(you seriously can't trust me with a sharpie) my best friends are trystan taylor and anna. i'm a severe coffee addict according to chris. i think mikey way is the sexiest thing since sliced bread. i steal alot of quotes from MCR cause they are pretty funny. i like to paint my nails weirdly like black, red, black, red, black and such. i like starbucks and i don't care if you hate me for it. i mean their coffee costs like $5 but it's soooo good!!!!!
*drools and imagines a large cup of starbucks* my favorite animal is a bear or a dinosaur. i like to have frank get eaten in my comics and i say the word puerto rican like porto rikan. my friends make fun of the way i talk cause i have a severe jersey accent. i know i know i live in new jersey(FREAK YAAAA) but i have THE thickest jersey accent i've ever heard. i think that duct tape can fix anything and i once duct taped my friend samuel to a tree and left him there for 20 minutes while i played pokemon stadium with james. ya i still have my N64. i love nintendo. i'm a nintendo junkie. i want an xbox 360 super bad but oh well. i love pokemon and invader zim and it creeps people out. lmao. i can say some invader zim episodes word for word. i have the entire season on DVD and it's incredibly sexy.

write more later. no virtual cobwebs for meeeee.