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okay sooooo it's been 13 weeks since last post. i have yet again misplaced my precious folder and am pissed off as HELL...but! i have one comic scanned in to the computer so hopefully i can post this sonofagun. bwahaha...

comics coming soon...today possibly<33333


according to LJ i haven't posted in 6 weeks! that's like a month and a half or so. anyway i finally found my comic folder so expect multiple comics quite soon.

my personal favorite: The Fro Will Consume You: will be posted first, as it is my favorite >.


my friend trystan says hello. she draws my stick figure frank. a lot. i mean like...obsession with little frankie iero

who just so happened to win sexiest vegetarian of the year award from peta 2. congrats to frankie.


actually she's sitting right next to me. lmao. she says HI to all of the people that actually look at my livejournal. lmao. which is nobody.

omgz! omgz!

i can't really think of much to say. i have no inspiration, no ideas, nothing. my brain has died. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!! if you help me i will seriously love you forever and give you credit for my next comic. thanks!!!!!!!!!!

okay so now i'm ready to totally p'wn

okay i got my comics out of my locker finally. i'll post them soon. i'll be having half days the rest of the week so it'll be really soon. WHOO


okieessss. i watched it this weekend. thus, a great comic may be anticipated. i've started the IT themed comic. you'll love them. i hope. but then again, i don't think many people look at my journal so i think i'll be the only one enjoying my sick sense of humor. hehehe

oh where oh where has my dinosaur gone?!

okay. so my mouse pointer is a blue dinosaur right? i'm typing in word when POOF he disappears. his name is Geoffry btw. ya. it's supposed to be spelled Jeffry but that's so boring. plus when i read Geoff the first time i pronounced it GEE OFF. lmao. so anyways back to my story. so i'm like OMGZ GEOFFRY!!!!! where are you?! i'm like squiggling my mouse around and such and i'm like BALLS I CAN'T FIND HIM!!!!!!!!! my mouse got unplugged. just a little bit special?

i'm thirsty. water anyone?
"i'd kill a man for a water..."-Mikey Way moment.

little linky button thingys

okay. i'm officially angry. i can't figure out for the love of GOD how to make a button that links to my LJ. i mean like, i message other fan fics that have them like r_g_word and minimcr but they haven't ever told me how to do it. does anybody know? i'd forever be in debt to you and i would make a comic or six in your honor if you'd like.... =]

mikey is in my freezer

okay so i'm raiding the freezer for something tasty to eat with my coffee since i'm super hungry. my mother stuck like 800 fun size milky ways in the side compartment of the freezer and they all come falling out onto my feet. first i'm like OUCH THAT HURT WTF WAS THAT?! then i look down and i'm like mmmm milky way.

milky way=mikey way.

on halloween my friends all put their milky ways together, wrote MIKEY over milkey and gave them to me. i was like <33333. milky way has always been my fave candy and then i'm like holy shnazzz it's like mikey way almost. so ya. good memories and such. i'm going to go eat a mikey way now. lolz that sounds wrong but idc. 

such rawr-ness

omgz. i have to go to a catholic high school right. i go to the freshman orientation and i look at the people and i'm telling you amberfucker and bitch everywhere. lmao ya, amberfucker and bitch. and those damn hollister skanks aren't much better. so i'm like literally crying and my mom is like awww what's wrong? and i'm like nothing ma....in my head i'm like I DON'T WANNA GO TO GOD DAMN CATHOLIC SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so i needed to vent. ventage complete 

i'm going to go make a cup of coffee now...XD